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  • Between Two Extremes

  • Is It Possible to Turn the Tide?

    Over the past few years the attitudes to integration processes in Europe have undergone a dynamic evolution. In examining this dynamic, can any differences be discerned between the older and the…

  • The Rise of Radicalism Among Young People in Slovakia: Causes and Consequences

  • Is the Liberal World Order Seriously Threatened?

  • Nicolas Maslowski: A Dangerous Time of Chaos

    interview The financial crisis showed the weakness of America. Undermining the world order in this situation is much easier and successive actors are starting to do that—says Nicolas Maslowski in an interview…

  • Germany, Central Europe, and the EU after Brexit

    Britain’s leaving the EU, which will probably take place in two or three years, represents a decisive change in the Union’s balance of power. The EU will become even more synonymous with the eurozone…

  • The V4 as an Anti-German Coalition

    In the refugee crisis a new dynamic emerged between Germany and the V4—all members of the Schengen area. If in the euro crisis the EU was divided between north and south, in the refugee crisis it was…

  • Martin Buchtík: Generation What Lacks the Shared Experience of Tackling Some Society-Wide Challenge.

    interview Research on the opinions of young people between the ages of 18 and 34 shows that thanks to modern communications this generation has no problems moving out of the environment into which they were…

  • I’m a poet and I know it. The Nobel Prize and Bob Dylan’s Literary Credentials

    For those who deal with literature more often than once in a blue moon, Nobel Prizes in Literature are not very exciting. They do not define the directions of literature’s development, and certainly…

  • The End of History, Postponed

    The Liberal Order Is on the Defensive Due to Our Lack of Will

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