Beyond the Human – Summer reading in new Aspen.Review!

We release the 2nd issue of 2018 Aspen.Review, now with the title Beyond the Human. Enjoy the summer reading with the main topic of technological revolution, this time focusing on transhumanism. Is technological and genetical upgrading of human beings the way forward?

We are glad to be able to address this topic to our –yet technologically primitive– minds in the new Aspen Review articles, interviews and comments. Let’s think about it together. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

Beyond the Human

Transhumanists say we are not at the end of our development but rather in an early phase. Undoubtedly, the limits of human capabilities are going to be expanded through technology. Landing on the Moon has brought us technological advances in everyday reality. How far can getting to Mars take us? … Beyond the Human.

What happens when sometime in the future the whole generation of Chinese kids have higher IQs than their American peers because they’re technologically hardwired for that? This is a global security issue –Zoltan Istvan

By reading the interview with Zoltan Istvan –the prophet of transhumanism– your thoughts will surely go beyond the human. Because in his words the transhumanist movement grows exponentially by 1000% every year.

Marek Orko Vácha talks about how the eugenics already influenced the human history. At least once, in the last century – read the article From Darwin’s Theory to Auschwitz. And our AYLP alumnus Jan Lukačevič offers his thoughts on Why Should We Care about Going to Mars?

Taken to the extreme, if we sent astronauts to Mars tomorrow, not only would they not have a chance to get back, but they would probably go blind or simply die in space –Jan Lukačevič

Next to the cover story read also texts about how Brussels has to learn to talk with Central and Eastern Europe in the interview with Erhard Busek, or find out more about the great movie Mečiar in the review History Repeating Itself. And if you are curious about All the Faces of Islamophobia, go ahead. But there is much more inside.

Western European political and opinion leaders are very often lacking the basic knowledge about the Central and Eastern Europe, they’ve got no clue what is really happening there –Erhard Busek

Read the whole articles at the Aspen.Review website, download the eBook version or get a hard copy at one of our events.

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And you can already be looking forward to the autumn issue – we will make a picture of the today’s face of Europe. Stay tuned and enjoy the summer as well as the reading!

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Jenda Žáček
Publishing Editor of Aspen.Review

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