• Leadership

    Values-based leadership is a core program priority of the Aspen Institute Central Europe. At our seminars, we invite leaders from various sectors across the CE region to critically reflect on their core values, discuss issues that are crucial for the development of society, as well as to engage in dialogue over opposing ideas and views.

  • Annual Conference

    The Institute’s main public event, a large annual conference attended by high-profile guests, speakers and decision-makers as well as general public.

  • Aspen CE Leadership Award

    The Institute bestows the Aspen Central Europe Leadership Award to young successful professionals.

  • Education

    Aspen Institute CE priorities include Educational Leadership (focusing on school principals) and Upskilling.

  • Tech & Innovation

    In the field of technology, the Aspen Institute Central Europe focuses primarily on AI and Cybersecurity.

  • Transatlantic & EU activities

    As an interdisciplinary, independent and apolitical platform, the Aspen Institute Central Europe supports a dialogue on critical issues of Transatlantic and European topical importance.

  • Other